Bonds-Zealand Traverse  Saturday November 6, 2004:: Startover
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L->R Doug, Les and Jon.

It was getting dark. Again this picture do not show the perspective of the cliff. It was much magnificent in person than this picture can tell.

Time: 4:32:05 PM

We arrived at the Zealand Hut at around 5:15PM, the Hut was packed with people, I didn't bother to wonder in there. I rested on the bench outside, sipping my still hot, hot chocolate.

It would take us another 1.5 hours to get to the parking lot. I hiked without headlamp, but Don and Dean from time to time would shade light on tricky path. I looked up the sky from time to time, to see the milky way. The night sky in the wood is so beautiful.

6:45PM, we arrived to the parking lot, the air was very very cold, I hopped into Jon's car back to Lincolnwood trail head where I parked my car.

This was by far the greatest and longest hike I have had so far.