One Rainy Day at the Whites Sunday October 16, 2005 ::
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From Stark to Gorham, to Franconia Notch
Here is a map showing the second part of my rainy day fun.

We left Stark where the trailhead is, taking route 110 to Gorham. We had lunch at Pizza Hut (Damian's treat. Thanks Damian!)

After lunch, Damian and Greg drove to Joe Dodge's lodge at Pinkham Notch (near Glen House); I headed to Franconia Notch via Route 2 and route 3.

I was initially thinking about going to the Mountain Wanderer book store in Lincoln, but couldn't resist the beauty of Franconia Notch while driving through it and changed my plan. I would stay at the Franconia notch for the rest of the afternoon instead.