Mt Garfield + Galehead Saturday August 27, 2005 ::
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My first solo hike in the Whites
- Mount Garfield and Galehead mountain


My initial plan was to hike up mt Garfield with a AMC group (unoffically) and then hike over to Galehead and down via Gale River Trail by myself, making it a loop hike. The AMC leader wouldn't help me to spot my car at the Gale River Trail head, so I would have to walk back to my car by the end of the day. No big deal.

Shortly after I arrived at the trailhead, he showed up, he wouldn't even want to talk to me while we're waiting for the rest of the group, as if by talking to me he would be responsible for anything that may happen to me during my hike.  So slight change in plan, I really don't care to hike with jerk like him, and hit trail by myself 5 minutes before 8 AM.

Including the dirt road walk back to my car, this would be a 15.1 miles hike. On a great day like today, I was very much looking forward to it.

I come prepared, with my compass, map, extra clothing, food and headlamp. I'm good to go.