Mt Garfield + Galehead Saturday August 27, 2005 ::
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Heading to the Galehead Mtn
-Galehead Hut
I took a quick bite of my left over MacBagel breakfast, half-filled my empty platapus and set off to Galehead. I would take the Frost Trail to the summit of Galehead Mtn.

After returning from the Galehead mtn, I took a long break at the hut, chatted with a guy who hiked from Lincolnwood to here, and was planning to go around the Bonds to return to Lincolnwood. Wow, he sure had a looong way ahead of him. On the other hand, I was feeling super, it was only 1 PM (when I returned here after summitted Galehead) and I had already done all the uphill climb. I was feeling great and super confident.

Time: 12:26:37 PM