Presidential Range Traverse Saturday June 19, 2004::
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Northern Section of the Presidential Range
This had been one of the most memorable hike I have had so far.

The plan was to traverse the Presidential Range, from Mt Madison to Mt Jackson, in one day. A total of distance of 23.9 miles and 8900 ft elevation gained.

However, the weather was far from perfect, we had to bail mid-way through our quest, still accomplished a respectable 13.9mi, in crappy weather. I’m very proud of we had achieved.

The group for this trip consisted of 4 leaders, Joe, June, Judy and Dan. The members were Nick, Mike, Ian, Betty, Mary, Ira, Andy, Munib, Brian, John, Lincoln, Joe’s death-marching hounds Porkchop and Paprika, Nick’s Wendel and Me (the 2 legged hiking hound)

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