Presidential Range Traverse Saturday June 19, 2004 ::
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Madison Spring Hut
Many options were bouncing around while we're waiting, some grew weary of the wait and ready to move ahead; some would like to wait and see; some were ready to head down.

From my previous experiences, wet day had never been good for me. I for one, at this point had considered to go down the mountain. Among the reasons were that I was under prepared for the weather. I left my gaiters at Joe's, I didn't bring my wool hat and gloves and I didn't have waterproof pant. Statistics had shown that people like me would likely to die on the mountain and deserve so.

The plan before the trip was that if the weather gone bad, we would turn back, but it was not the case. Most of us secretly "wish" the weather would clear up, so we were willing to wait and see.

Time: 9:02:53 AM