Mt Tecumseh Sunday May 8, 2005 ::
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Mt Tecumseh
Trails: Mount Tecumseh Trail. Ascent from Tripoli road trail head; descent to the ski area.
Weather: 40-ish. Drizzle earlier and cloudy.

Total distance: approximately 8.6 mi
Time: 9:23 AM to 4 PM ~6.5 hrs

Damian and I met up at the Waterville Ski area at 9AM. Damian had suggested to hike up from the Tripoli trail head and descent  to the ski area parking lot. Despite the gate on the Tripoli road still remain closed, we decided to park at the gate, and walked up Tripoli road to the trailhead, adding 3 miles to the hike.

We left Damian's car at the Ski area parking lot, and drove mine to the gate at Tripoli road.

We started off from my car at 9:23 AM, arrived at the trail head at 10:30 AM

Gears list:
Whitney pack, Treking poles
EMS Hat liner. Shortsleeve under shrit, Techwick, fleece vest, REI Elements.
Salomon with wool socks and limner, gaiters. Fleece gloves.
EMS SystemIII and long under pants.
750ml plain water in Platapus. 32 oz of Gatarade.
GU, ttrail mix and MacDonald for lunch.

Consumed: 1 baby sneaker bar, 2 hazelnut chocolates, 1 GU. Finished the whole Mac something bagel breakfast at lunch.

Extra: Fleece jacket, head band, wool hat, trail mix etc.

Travel Time:
I left home at around 6:55 AM. Bathroom break at exit 20; arrived at the trial head on time. Damian was already there.