North Tripyramid, MiddleTripyramid and South Peak Saturday October 1, 2005


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Destination: The Tripyramids
After 3 solo hikes in a row, I decided to hike with a group for a change.

The leaders on this trip were Judy and Carol, the participants were Pater, Sarah, Chris, Mohamed and me. I had hiked with Judy once last year on our unsuccessful but very memorable Presidential Traverse. I recognized Mohamed from David Metsky website. Mohamed himself also maintains a very informative website which I visit frequently to research the trails before my hikes.

On this trip, we took Livermore trail up the North Slide to the North Tripyramid, Middle Tripyramid and South Peak. Descended via Mt Tripyramid trail on the South Slide back to the Livermore trail. Total of 11.3 mi.

The weather was very pleasant, may be around 60 degree at the trail head, with clear blue sky. We started the hike shortly after 9 AM.