One Rainy Day at the Whites Sunday October 16, 2005


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Destination: Mt Cabot

Well, that was the plan anyway.

We have had rain the entire week. The forecast finally looks a bit promising on Sunday, so we decided that we'll give it a go. (We didn't confirm until Sunday very early in the morning)

The drive to Stark was expectedly long. I estimated about 3 hr drive, but the rain slow down the traffic. It was a very pleasant drive at the beginning, I was accompanied by clear sky and bright sun shine. Only until I arrived at Tilton, it began to drizzle. As I drove further up north, the rain intensify significantly.

I was 20 min late when I arrived at the Mill Brook road trailhead. Damian and Greg were already there. The rain was steady and quite windy. We all kinda know we won't go too far today, but we'll at least try to get to the Unknown Pond, just so that we wont go home empty handed.

From Route 110 to the trailhead is about 4.5 mi.
From trailhead to Unknown Pond is 2.2 mi

We started the hike at around 10:30 AM